Frequently Asked Questions

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Part-time Program

  • Is the part-time degree the same as the full-time degree?
  • Are the professors who teach part-time courses the same as those that teach full-time?
  • Is it harder to schedule all the classes you want to take because the offerings are more limited in the evening?
  • Do prospective employers favor full-time students over part-time students?
  • May part-time students participate in journals, moot court and clinics?
  • May I transfer to the full-time program?

Admissions Process

  • How many people applied last year?
  • May I apply for both the Full-time and Part-time programs?
  • Is there a GPA and/or LSAT cutoff?
  • Does Georgetown Law have rolling admissions?
  • When should I apply?
  • When are the application deadlines?
  • Can I apply online?
  • Do you offer fee waivers?
  • When will I know the decision?
  • What is the length of the personal statement?


  • May I use the CAS Letter of Recommendation Service?
  • How many recommendations do you require?
  • How many recommendations do people generally submit?
  • May I submit a recommendation from an employer rather than a professor?
  • May I submit an LSAC Evaluation Form in lieu of a traditional letter of recommendation?
  • Do you accept composites/recommendation packages from universities?


  • Must I register for the Credential Assembly Service (CAS)?
  • What is the minimum score I must get to be eligible for admission?
  • How are multiple LSAT scores addressed?
  • May I apply if I plan on taking the December or February LSAT?
  • What is the oldest score that you will accept?

Early Decision (Binding)

  • What is the Early Decision Process?
  • May I apply Early Decision if I am taking the February LSAT?
  • What decision may I receive by applying through the Early Decision process?
  • What if the Admissions Committee defers my Early Decision application to the Regular Admissions Process?
  • If I am denied through Early Decision, may I apply through the regular admissions process?
  • Should I apply Early Decision if the receipt of institutional financial aid is a prerequisite for enrolling?

Required First-Year Program

  • What is the first-year class setting?
  • What is the first-year curriculum like?
  • Are there tutorial programs?
  • Are there opportunities to meet faculty?

Stats, Facts & More

  • What are the medians?
  • What is the size of the entering class?
  • How diverse is the class?
  • What is tuition?
  • Do you offer clinical programs?
  • What extra-curricular activities are offered?
  • What are the housing options?
  • Where is Georgetown Law located?
  • Do you offer tours?

Alumni Admissions Interview Program

  • What is the purpose of conducting interviews?
  • May I request an interview?
  • Should I interview, if invited?
  • Given the rolling admissions process, will accepting an invitation to interview hurt my chances of admission because it may delay a decision?
  • Who will conduct the interview and where will it take place?
  • I have accepted my interview and provided you with my current location.  What is the next step?
  • I am very interested in a particular area of law.  Can you match me with an alumnus in that field?

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