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Does Georgetown Law accept visiting students?


May visiting students apply to transfer to Georgetown Law?

No. Visiting students may not apply to transfer to Georgetown Law. The Visiting Student Program is designed for law students in their final year of law school who are interested in taking courses not offered at their home law school.

May visiting students participate in Georgetown Law's interview programs?

Visiting Students are welcome to participate in all prescreened interview programs (with one exception noted below). These currently include all public interest interview programs and resume collect programs. After September 13th, private sector employers with 100 attorneys or less firm wide will be permitted to prescreen during our fall on-campus interview programs. Early Interview Week is a non-prescreened interview program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Career Strategy at 202-662-9300 or the Office of Public Interest and Community Service at 202-662-9655.

*Visiting students spending their 3L year at Georgetown as part of the joint J.D./LL.M. in Taxation program are not eligible to participate in the graduate Taxation Interview Program during the J.D. portion of their joint degree program.  

Must international visiting applicants register with CAS?

No. However, international visiting applicants who do not wish to register with CAS must submit a paper application, rather than applying online.

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