Federal Work-Study

What is Federal Work-Study (FWS) and why is it considered financial aid? 

FWS funds are specifically for educational expenses and the employment is directly related to student eligibility. FWS is a program in which the FWS funding pays the majority of your wages and the employer pays the rest. Since employers only have to pay the remaining amount of each  student's salary, they are more likely to hire students who are eligible for this federal support. This makes it much easier for you to find employment, if you so desire. FWS eligibility is treated as part of your current year financial aid resources.

How do I find a FWS job?

FWS jobs are not assigned to students, rather students select the positions for which they will apply. Georgetown Law position openings are posted in Symplicity, our online career resources database which houses current academic year, summer and entry-level attorney job notices. You may login to the system by using your Georgetown Law NetID and password.  

What if I decline my FWS and later decide I want it back?

As long as FWS program funds are still available and you have remaining financial aid eligibility, FWS awards can usually be reinstated. You can email the office and your file will be reviewed for an FWS award.

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