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Join the Madness...Georgetown Law March Challenge is Back!

The March Challenge is a month long giving challenge to kick start alumni giving and participation for the 2016-2017 Law Firm Challenge. March 1 - 31 LFC firms will face off with other firms to compete for the largest increase in alumni participation, new donors, dollars raised and membership in the Loyalty & Hogan giving societies. Weekly emails will be sent with your firms standings. Please email stephanie.seitts@georgetown.edu if you have any questions.

Law Firm Challenge

The Law Firm Challenge is an annual fundraising competition in which participating firms vie for the highest percentage of alumni giving and most dollars raised for the Law Center. Established as the first of its kind in 1998, the program has grown to become one of the largest, engaging more than 2,500 alumni at 56 firms worldwide.

Throughout the Challenge, volunteers (or "agents") at participating firms correspond with alumni colleagues and encourage them to support the Law Annual Fund. Gifts to the Fund provide critical resources for the following programs:

  • Financial Aid/Student Scholarships
  • Clinics
  • Journals
  • Centers and Institutes
  • Equal Justice Foundation (EJF) Summer Fellowships
  • The Edward Bennett Williams Library
  • Student Organizations

It's important to note that any gift made to Georgetown Law by an alumnus/alumna at a participating firm (between July 1st and June 30th) counts for Law Firm Challenge credit.

At the end of the competition, the names of the firms that reach 100% alumni participation are engraved on a plaque that's displayed outside the Office of Career Services. The names of the firms that raise the most money for the Law Center (in their respective groups) are engraved on a trophy that's kept in the Law Alumni Lounge. All donors are recognized on the Georgetown Law website.

For more information about the Law Firm Challenge, please contact Stephanie Seitts at stephanie.seitts@georgetown.edu or 202-687-3487.

To make a gift online for Law Firm Challenge credit, CLICK HERE.