Protection of Minors

Georgetown University's Protection of Minors Policy was adopted in October of 2012 to protect those under 18 years of age who participate in programs and activities associated with the University and to provide guidance to University students, faculty and staff who are involved with such programs and activities.  Programs and activities that involve minors, including those that are sponsored by or that involve Georgetown Law students, are integral to the University’s mission and identity.  At the core of all of these programs is a commitment to providing a safe environment and a positive experience for all participants.

The Protection of Minors Policy sets forth guidelines to help prevent the abuse, neglect, or bullying of minors and for reporting and responding to incidents in which the safety of minors may be compromised. In addition, the policy imposes on those who participate in programs or activities involving minors certain requirements that must be met in advance of the start date of the program or activity.   

If an individual student or a student group (whether formal or informal) is considering sponsoring or getting involved with a program or activity involving minors, the student coordinating the program must register the program or activity and learn what is required to comply with the University’s Policy.   The Office of the Dean of Students and its affiliated offices oversee implementation of the Protection of Minors Policy at the Law Center for student-sponsored programs: 

  • For Residence Life or student-sponsored programs taking place in the Gewirz Student Center (Floors 2-11), please contact the Office of Residence Life (ORL). ORL is located on the first floor of the Gewirz Student Center and can be reached at 202-662-9290 or

  • For all other student-sponsored programs (formal and informal), please submit a registration form here. For more information, you may contact the Office of Student Life (OSL).  OSL is located in McDonough Hall 170 and can be reached at 202-662-9292 or

  •  Students participating in Law Center departmental programs involving minors must follow the sponsoring department’s registration process.

Special Policies exist for Law Center Clinical Programs and for certain Experiential Education Programs. The clinical faculty, practicum teacher, or the Director of Externships will provide students with all relevant policies and answer your questions about these policies. If you are in a clinic, practicum course or are receiving externship credit and have specific questions about the Law Center’s Working with Minors policies, please email

Special Policies also exist for Law Center EJF Summer Funding recipients and some Pro Bono projects. Staff in the Office of Public Interest and Community Service will provide you with all relevant policies and answer your questions about these policies. If you are an EJF recipient and have specific questions about these policies, please email If you are doing a Pro Bono project and have specific questions about these policies, please email

If you have further questions about the policy's requirements generally, please contact Amy E. Garrison, Director of Student Life at

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