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Bar Application

Students who wish to apply for accommodations on bar exams should be very mindful of application deadlines. Often these deadlines precede other bar deadlines. Preparing the application for accommodations can be quite time-consuming and students are encouraged to begin this process as soon as possible. The Director of Disability Services is happy to meet with students on an individual basis concerning the application for bar accommodations.

Letters on behalf of students with disabilities can be written by the Director of Disability Services to confirm accommodations received (i.e., to the MPRE, bar). Please note that the MPRE application requires completion of their written form when seeking accommodations. To obtain this form, call the MPRE offices a few weeks in advance of the application deadline. Your information must be turned in to the MPRE by the application deadline in order to receive accommodations. For more information concerning accommodations on the MPRE, please visit the MPRE website.


The Job Accommodation Network provides useful information for employers and job seekers concerning the employment of people with disabilities.

The Workforce Recruitment Program is a recruitment and referral program that connects federal sector employers nationwide with highly motivated college students and recent graduates with disabilities who are eager to prove their abilities in the workplace through summer or permanent jobs. 

The Schedule A Hiring Authority is available to federal agencies to hire and/or promote individuals with disabilities. Using Schedule A allows federal agencies to avoid the traditional, and sometimes lengthy, competitive hiring process. View a sample Schedule A certification letter.



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