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Course Material Production

Faculty Support distributes materials via our materials distribution website. Students may either order a bound and printed copy (for a fee) or download a PDF file (for free). If you submit an original electronic copy, students will be able to search the materials.  Materials should be submitted to  If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please contact Ronnie Rease (9286).

Prior to submitting your course material documents for photocopying:

All copyrighted works used in course materials and audio/visual works shown in class must have a copyright permission.  Georgetown Law will process copyright permission requests for faculty through the Copyright Clearance Center, or request permission directly from rightsholder.  If copyright permission for a work is denied, Faculty Support will not reprint those works in future class packets.

Faculty should not include copyrighted material (e.g. law review articles) or public-domain material (e.g. court cases, statutes, regulations) in their course material packets that is available to students via legal research services such as Westlaw, Lexis, or HeinOnline.  Faculty are encouraged to provide links or citations to these sources to their students instead.  For more information on copyright permissions, please contact Jonathan Zimmer (x9404).

First Class Reading Assignments

Faculty who wish to have first class reading assignments posted may do so by e-mailing the assignment to  Assignments will be posted to the Reading Assignments page.

Faculty Evaluations

Faculty course evaluations are collected over a two-week period at the end of each semester. Faculty receive a memorandum from the associate dean that announces the date on which the evaluations are scheduled for each class. Time must be set aside at the beginning of class to complete the survey. Results are distributed to each faculty member after grades are submitted.

Seating Charts

Seating charts for all classrooms can be found here. Printed copies of seating charts for each Law Center classroom are available in the Faculty Support office in McDonough Hall Room 475.

Judicial Clerkship Letters of Recommendation

Faculty Support will assist full-time faculty with printing, signing, addressing, and mailing recommendation letters by the appropriate clerkship deadline. Faculty may contact Jennifer Lane (x9645) for further information or assistance.

Students should consult the judicial clerkship information available from the Office of Career Services' clerkship website.

Georgetown Law also utilizes OSCAR (Online System for Clerkship Application and Review) for participating judges. For more information, please contact Jennifer Lane (x9645).

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