Microsoft Office Home Installation Policy

Thanks to the licensing agreement that Georgetown University has with Microsoft Corporation, the IST Department is able to provide Microsoft Office for home installation to all full-time faculty and staff who have a computer at the Law Center that is loaded with the same. Part-time employees, consultants, temporary employees and any employee in the excluded class codes are not eligible to borrow the software for home installation, as this option is predicated on the extension into the home of work begun in the office.

Microsoft is very strict about its licensing conditions. If you have the software on your computer at the Law Center, you may install ONE copy on ONE personal computer owned by you. The Law Center IST Department has been asked to maintain a spreadsheet listing the names and titles of all who borrow the CDs, along with the borrower's signature. Because of the licensing agreement, we must insist that all CDs be returned within one week from the date they were borrowed. If not, you will need to send a check to the IST Department, payable to Georgetown University Law Center, to cover the cost of the media license.

You install Microsoft Office at your own risk. The IST Department will loan you the CDs, but we are not liable for any damage done to your personal computer as a result of the installation. If your home computer or laptop ceases to operate after loading the software, we will not repair it.

The IST Department has found that the Microsoft Office Suite runs best on a computer with at least 4 GB of RAM, an intel dual core processor, and a 500 GB hard-disk drive.

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