Pharos Print Station Locations

McDonough Hall

  • 1st Floor—Cafeteria Entrance
  • 3rd Floor—Atrium (outside of Registrar’s Office)
  • 3rd Floor—Hallway near room 332 (color)

EB Williams Library

  • 2nd Floor—Loewinger Lounge (color) and Computer Learning Center
  • 3rd Floor—Computer Lab and Copy/Vending Room
  • 4th Floor—West side outside room 422B and Copy Room
  • 5th Floor—West side outside room 522B

Hotung Building (Wolff Reading Room)

  • 3rd Floor—Public Printing Room (color)

Fitness Center

  • 2nd Floor—Hallway next to Bookstore


  • Ground Floor—Phone Booth Room

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