In-Class Exam Announcement

 Exam Announcement (revised November 2009)

Hello!  I ask for your attention as we review Law Center examination procedures.  We have found this announcement is the most efficient way to ensure that all students receive appropriate exam instructions.  Since we have been using this announcement, inadvertent violations of our Student Disciplinary Code have been virtually eliminated.  It is important to understand that any infraction of these procedures may be a violation of the Code and will be handled accordingly.

Students must have their exam numbers before the exam begins.  If you do not know your exam number, you can find it on the Online Exam Management System.  Before the exam begins, please complete any forms the proctor has given you.

Essential information regarding the exam is written on the cover of your exam questions and on the blackboard.  At the end of this announcement, please review this information, and immediately direct any questions to the proctor.

In a closed book exam, all books, notes, outlines, coats, briefcases and all other materials must be removed from your desk area and placed to the front, sides, or back of the room.

In a limited open book exam, you may keep with you, and refer to, only those materials expressly authorized by the professor and identified on the cover of your exam and the blackboard.  If in doubt whether certain material may be referred to during the exam, please consult with the proctor before the exam begins.

For closed and limited book exams, scratch paper and exam books will be provided when you come forward to collect your examination.

In an open book exam you may have and refer to any books and printouts of notes you brought into the exam room.  Students may not share any materials, including computer equipment, during the examination.  Students may not use any electronic devices to access notes or outlines on the student's hard drive and may not access the Internet unless specifically permitted by the professor's instructions on the cover page of the exam.

Calculators are permitted if the professor has expressly approved them.  Students may use earplugs to block out surrounding noise, but may not use head phones, ear pieces, or other devices that produce sound.  Watches and pagers must be set to emit no sound, and cellular phones must be turned off and left in the front, sides, or back of the room.  The use of any device which does not comply with Law Center rules may be a violation of the Student Disciplinary Code. 

Students are not permitted to remove any exam materials from the room during the exam or bring in additional materials once the signal to begin the exam has been given.  You may leave the exam room for short periods of time, but you will not be given extra time for absences from the room.  If you leave the room, you may not talk to anyone, including the professor, about the exam.

When this video is finished, please line up to receive your exam questions.  Make sure to have your Student GoCard ID.  If you do not have your GoCard with you, you must go to the Office of the Registrar to obtain an Exam Identity Verification Form before you can pick up your exam questions.  Do not open your exam questions until the proctor has signaled you to do so.

Write your exam number for this examination on your exam books, the exam questions, and scratch paper.  Your exam number is the only identifier you may put on your exam materials.  Do not indicate, in any fashion, to the professor your identity as the writer of an exam prior to the official publication of course grades.

The official time of the exam will be kept by the proctor, using the clock in the exam room.  It is your responsibility to ensure you are ready to start the exam when the proctor gives the signal.  Additional time will not be given for late arrivals unless approved by the Registrar for reasons beyond the student's control.

Alert the proctor if you have a serious problem during the exam.  No post-exam relief will be given since it is impossible to design relief that is fair to all students.  If you have a question about the exam, become ill, have a problem with your computer, or experience some other serious situation, please alert the proctor immediately and follow his or her instructions.  If you do not bring your situation to the attention of the proctor or the Registrar during the exam, no relief will be granted at a later time.

If a fire alarm sounds, you should assume there may be a fire or other emergency and stop writing immediately.  The proctor will announce and write on the board the time the exam stopped.  Leave your exam on the desk and exit the building.  Remain close by so that the exam can be restarted immediately when we establish that it is safe to return to the building.  When you return to the room, do not restart the exam until the proctor announces that you may do so.  The Registrar's Office will determine the amount of time you will be given to make up your lost time.          

You will be given a 5 minute and a 2 minute warning prior to the end of the exam.  When time is called you must immediately stop writing, scrolling or otherwise operating your computer.  As a courtesy to other students, once the 5 minute warning has been called, we ask that you remain seated until time is called to end the exam.  Failure to stop writing, scrolling or otherwise operating your computer after time is called is a violation of the Code.  Upon a finding that you wrote or operated your computer after time was called, the minimum penalty is a one-step grade reduction.  If you need to write your exam numbers on your examination material, you may do so only when you turn in your exam materials at the proctor's desk. 

No materials may be added to your exam once it is submitted to the proctors; so please check to ensure that you are submitting all exam materials, and that your exam number appears on all materials.

In laptop exams, your Confirmation Code will be your exam receipt.  Please be sure to write this at the top of your exam.  Handwriters will receive an exam receipt form from the proctor.

This announcement and these rules have been promulgated to ensure the integrity and fairness of the examination process for all of our students.

We are now ready to begin the examination, and we wish everyone the best of luck. 

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