Take-Home Exam Procedures

Unless the professor offering the course precludes their use, students are permitted to use personal computers to complete their take-home examinations. Please note the following:

Save your document frequently.  Save your document on both your hard drive and on a separate diskette, CD, or flash drive.  Additional time will not be given because of problems with your computer or printer.

Your take-home exam must be downloaded and submitted through the Online Exam/Paper Management System. Please familiarize yourself with the Online Exam/Paper Management System. A downloadable guide is available through this link.

Your exam number is the only identifier that you may put on your exam materials. You must remove personal identifying information from your exam document. Failure to remove any personal identifying information is an exam violation which will be referred to the Ethics Counsel.

If your take-home exam instructions require that you certify a word or character count, that certification must be included on your exam within the allotted exam time limit before uploading the exam.

Once an exam is submitted, no requests to add or revise a word or character count will be accepted.  Once you have submitted your exam, you may not amend it.

All students who download their examination but fail to upload within 24 hours after the time allowed expires will be assigned a grade of AF [Administrative F] on the exam by the Registrar.  Please carefully review Section 402 — Administrative Sanctions of the Student Disciplinary Code (starting on page 106 of the Student Handbook).

Students who fail to download an examination may be assigned a grade of AF [Administrative F] for the course.

NOTE: If you believe there is an error, inconsistency, or omission in the exam, please state your assumptions about the issue within your discussion of that issue.  No clarifications or corrections will be provided.

Contact Information:
Law Center's Service Desk (IST)
McDonough Hall
Room 152

Office of the Registrar
315 McDonough Hall
202-662-9220 (during office hours)

If you have a problem with your exam that requires a response from the Registrar during office hours call the main number (202) 662-9220. If you have an urgent need to speak to a Registrar after hours because of a serious medical or family emergency, please call (202) 681-1288.

If you are having a technical problem with your computer contact the Law Center's Service Desk, McDonough Hall, Room 152, lawhelp@georgetown.edu or 202-662-9284. You may want to contact your computer manufacturer (e.g. Dell, Apple) or internet service provider (e.g. Comcast, Cox, Verizon).

If you need assistance downloading or submitting your Take-home exam through the Online Exam Management System, please contact the Office of the Registrar, McDonough Hall, Room 315, lawreg@law.georgetown.edu, or 202-662-9220 during business hours. After hours, please send an email to lawreg@law.georgetown.edu and a representative will contact you the next business day.

NOTE: In the event that you experience a technical difficulty in submitting your exam to the Online Exam/Paper Management System, please email a copy of your exam to examdropbox@law.georgetown.edu. You should expect to receive an automatic receipt response confirming your exam submission.