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Welcome to the Georgetown University Law Center Examination home page.  Exams at the Law Center are graded on an anonymous basis. The Student Disciplinary Code provides that the "unauthorized breach of anonymity in connection with a blind-graded examination" is a disciplinary violation. Therefore, be sure that you do not reveal your identity as the author of an examination in your answers themselves, in any communications with the professor, or otherwise discuss the substance of the exam with your professor(s) or with any other student from the time the exam is first administered until after grades are published. Below you will find helpful links to common areas of interest regarding exams and their administration.

Spring 2017 Memo on Student Disciplinary Code

Spring 2017 Legal Practice Exam Information

Legal Practice Exam Procedures Checklist

In-Class Exam Announcement (Text, Video)

Video and transcription of the announcement played or recited before the administration of every in-class exam.

Exam Template

The blank exam template document required for both in-class and take-home exams unless otherwise instructed by your professor.  Please download the exam template before you sit for any type of exam.

The Law Center's IST department does not recommend use of untested applications for exam taking purposes.  Therefore, you should use MS Word or Apple Pages.  If you choose to use other software applications, you are doing so at your own risk. 

In-Class Exam Procedures

Details regarding examinations administered in the Law Center and important steps to prepare students before, during and after exams are given.

Take-Home Exam Procedures

Details regarding examinations downloaded and uploaded from the online exam system and important steps to prepare students before, during and after these exams are given.

Please also be aware of the Georgetown Law Administrative Sanctions (starting on p. 106 of the Georgetown Law Student Handbook) for students submitting late take-home exams.

Instructions for Removing Personal Information

You may not identify yourself in any way to the professor as the author of an exam until the grades are published. Therefore, you must remove personal identifying information from your exam document. Failure to remove any personal identifying information is an exam violation which will be referred to the Ethics Counsel. This link provides instructions for removing personal information from documents submitted for evaluation.

Laptop Exam Room Instructions

Instructions that are given for preparing your exam template at the beginning and at the end of the exam.

Exam Conflicts and Exam Deferrals

Details regarding the policy on exam conflicts and rescheduling exams.  Exam Deferrals are handled by the Office of the Registrar and not your Professor.

Exam Review

Many faculty return your final exams/papers to the Office of the Registrar for student review.

Online Exam/Paper Management System

Login to the Online Exam/Paper Management System to check your exam number, exam schedule, and to submit papers and exams.

Additional information regarding Exam Deferrals, Exam Conflicts, the Student Disciplinary Code and other Georgetown Law Policies are available in the Georgetown Law Student Handbook.

Contact Information:

Lynda Sanders
Associate Director, Exam Administration

Office of the Registrar
315 McDonough Hall
202-662-9220 (during office hours)
202-681-1288 (after hours for emergencies only)

Ethics Counsel
Professor Michael Frisch
415 McDonough Hall

Law Center's Service Desk
McDonough Hall
Room 152 

If you are having a technical problem with your computer contact the Law Center's Service Desk (IST), McDonough Hall, Room 152,, or 202-662-9284. You may want to contact your computer manufacturer (e.g. Dell, Apple) or internet service provider (e.g. Comcast, Cox, Verizon).

NOTE: In the event that you experience technical difficulty in submitting your exam to the Online Exam/Paper Management System, please email a copy of your exam to You should expect to receive an automatic receipt response confirming your exam submission.

If you have a problem with your exam that requires a response from the Registrar during office hours call the main number (202) 662-9220. 

If you have an urgent need to speak to a Registrar after hours because of a serious medical or family emergency, please call (202) 681-1288.

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