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The Office of Career Strategy (OCS) and the Office of Public Interest & Community Service (OPICS) welcome you to Georgetown Law Center! We look forward to working with you. Below we answer some frequently asked questions.

General Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What career services are available at Georgetown Law Center?

We have two offices dedicated to working with JD students on career exploration and job searches. The Office of Career Strategy (OCS) handles general career and private sector advising; the Office of Public Interest and Community Service (OPICS) focuses on public sector advising for government and non-profit opportunities, both domestically and internationally. OPICS also has a staff  member who helps students find pro bono opportunities in the DC-metropolitan area. Between our offices, there are sixteen professional career advisors available to help you. Amy Killoran and Michele Hoff of OCS and Nicole Vikan of OPICS serve as the advisors dedicated to transfer students. Please make an appointment with either one of them to discuss your specific interests and goals.

2. What recruiting opportunities are available at the Law Center?

Georgetown Law's Recruitment Programs and Networking Events webpage details all of our private and public sector recruitment programs and networking events. (Please note this site is password protected and only available to Georgetown Law students with an active NetID and password.) Because of their summer dates and deadlines, we discuss two recruiting programs, Early Interview Week and the Government Interview Program, below.  Keep in mind there are other recruitment opportunities for you to participate in.

3. How successful are transfer students in finding and securing a job of choice?

Of course, success is in the eye of the beholder! A student's prior experience, application materials, interviewing skills, and goals all affect his or her ability to secure any given position. Transfer students can do just as well as students who completed their first year of law school here at Georgetown Law. Here is an approximation of the 2L summer employment information from last year's incoming transfer student class:

Law Firm:            46.9%
Government:        17.7%
Public Interest:     4.2%
Business:              2.1%
Judicial:                1.0%

4. Do I need to keep my previous law school on my resume?

Yes, you must include your previous law school on your resume until you graduate from Georgetown Law. Resume Tips will show you how to include both your previous law school information and Georgetown Law on your resume.

5. How do I indicate on my resume that I was invited to a journal or law review at my previous law school?

You can list your journal/law review invitation under the school from which you are transferring as follows:

Law Review:University of Richmond (invitation extended)

6. What is the best way to answer the "why did you transfer?" question? 

There is no "right" way to answer this question, and the answer will be different for each student. Highlight and focus on the positives of transferring to Georgetown (e.g., its strong clinical program, course offerings, accomplished faculty, location and accessibility for academic-year externships, etc.), rather than the negatives of your previous law school. This is especially true if you are interviewing with an employer in the geographic market from which you transferred. 

7. Does my GPA from my previous school transfer and become part of my Georgetown Law Center GPA?

No. See Resume Tips to learn how you can include your GPA from your previous law school on your resume. If you are interested in participating in Early Interview Week (EIW) and would like to know how your previous law school GPA "translates," please make an appointment with Amy Killoran or Michele Hoff (since this is a private sector-related question).

8. When interviewing, do I need to provide a transcript from my previous law school?

If an employer requests a transcript, you should provide one from your previous law school. Unofficial copies of transcripts are accepted (unless otherwise specified), but we suggest that you also provide copies of your previous law school's grading policy, so that employers can understand your class ranking and how your GPA was calculated.

Early Interview Week - Related Questions:

1. What is Early Interview Week (EIW) and how are students selected for interviews?

EIW is July 30 - August 2, 2018.  It is Georgetown Law's largest private sector on-campus interview program, with about 150 employers interviewing and approximately 7,000 interviews taking place in just four days.  EIW is a hybrid system, 70% lottery and 30% prescreened.  All interviews will be held at the Hyatt Regency Washington hotel on Capitol Hill.  The student bidding period is June 8 - June 29 at 5:00pm EDT.  Students have a limit of 50 bids. 

Transfer students will be required to watch an EIW orientation video, complete the online EIW survey and have their resume reviewed by an OCS advisor before they are eligible to bid for employers.  In order to have your resume reviewed by OCS prior to the bidding deadline, you must submit your resume to OCS on or before Monday, June 25, 2018.

2. What happens if I am admitted or decide to attend Georgetown after June 29th and wish to participate in EIW?

Students are required to submit their bids by June 29th in order to be considered for preselect interviews by participating employers. OCS will try to accommodate transfer students admitted after June 29th, however, their EIW participation will be limited.  To participate in the lottery, transfer students must submit their bids by July 10th. After July 10th, transfer students can only obtain interviews through the open sign-up period.

3. I had an interview with a specific firm at my previous law school.  Can I arrange to interview with that firm through Georgetown's EIW Program?

It may be difficult to arrange an interview with a specific firm through Georgetown's EIW program.  You can, however, reach out to the firm and let the contacts know that you have transferred to Georgetown, and that you would still like the opportunity to meet with them when they are on campus or at a time that is convenient for them. Oftentimes, firms that preselect a transfer student at his or her previous law school will accommodate this request, although it does depend on the firm. If the firm is unable to honor your request, you may be able to schedule an interview via the EIW open sign-up period.

4. During EIW, I may not yet know my class schedule. How do I respond if an interviewer asks what classes I'm taking?

You may not know your fall class schedule by EIW, especially if you were admitted later in the admissions cycle. You can tell your interviewer that you are in the midst of figuring out your classes and that once you have finalized your schedule, you will supplement your application with your list of classes. Of course, you may share the classes you wish to take, in order to highlight your interest in specific practice areas. 

Learn more about Early Interview Week (EIW) and access important deadlines and helpful resources. (Please note this site is password protected and only available to Georgetown Law students with an active NetID and password.)

Government Interview Program - Related Questions: 

1. What is the Government Interview Program (GIP)?

GIP is one of many opportunities to apply for positions with federal, state, and local government agencies. This small on-campus interview program is limited to government employers seeking to hire for post-graduate or paid 2L/3E summer positions. GIP is a fully prescreened interview program, which means employers preselect the students they wish to interview based on student cover letters  AND resumes. Because some of the GIP dates and deadlines occur in July and August, transfer students may have a more limited ability to participate in GIP. For more information about GIP, please contact Ruby Sheikh, our Manager of Public Sector Recruitment at

2. When will GIP take place and what are the bidding dates and deadlines?

Employers participating in GIP will conduct on-campus interviews on Friday, September 8 (GIP I), Monday, September 18 (GIP II) and Thursday, October 5 (GIP III). Each GIP session will include a different set of interviewing employers. Additional Information about our government and public interest recruitment programs will be emailed to students over the summer.

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