Private Sector Settings

Lawyers work in a wide variety of private sector settings, ranging from large law firms with many practice areas, to small boutique firms with one specialty, to in-house at corporations, and everything in between.

In addition to reviewing the Private Sector Settings pages below, take advantage of the many programs and opportunities available at Georgetown Law to learn about the practice of law. OCS sponsors a number of educational programs and networking events designed to bring students and practitioners together. Additionally, student groups organize alumni practitioner panels and faculty and guest lecturers regularly present on fascinating topics and current events.

Also, take time to explore the Public Sector Settings pages, and see what settings may be of interest to you in the public sector. For example, a student interested in environmental law may want to explore: a small boutique law firm that focuses only on environmental law, the Environmental Protection Agency or the Department of Justice's Environment and Natural Resources Division, the environmental law group of a large international law firm with many other practice areas, working at a think tank or non-profit advocacy organization, or many other options.

Within these settings, attorneys may focus on any number of subject areas - to learn more about these subject areas, please refer to the Practice Areas section.

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