Financing a Public Interest Summer and Career

Georgetown provides substantial support to students and alumni pursuing non-profit and government legal opportunities through a variety of different programs. Use the resources below to explore summer funding programs and post-graduate funding and debt-relief programs to help you launch your legal career.


Georgetown offers guaranteed summer funding for students engaged in public service summer activities. Before Summer 2017, all of the Guaranteed Public Service Summer Funding was under the umbrella title "EJF Summer Funding." As of Summer 2017, there will be two Summer Funding programs: Public Service Summer Grants and Dean's Public Service Summer Fellowships (only for upper-class students). In addition, EJF Summer Augmenting Awards can be used to supplement either the Grant or Fellowship.


Georgetown's Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) assists J.D. graduates in pursuing public interest careers.  Graduates who qualify for LRAP benefits receive assistance with monthly student loan payments in the form of interest-free loans from Georgetown Law. To learn more about LRAP, additional federal loan repayment programs and other ways to afford a post-graduate career in public interest law, see Loan Repayment and Financing a Public Interest Career.

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