Students who seek summer public interest internships in non-profit and government agencies will find that it is quite common for these positions to be unpaid--though fortunately, there are a number of school sponsored and outside programs that offer law students a stipend to fund their summer work. 

Georgetown Guaranteed Summer Funding

Georgetown offers guaranteed summer funding for students engaged in public service summer activities. Before Summer 2017, all of the Guaranteed Public Service Summer Funding was under the umbrella title "EJF Summer Funding." As of Summer 2017, there will be two Summer Funding programs: Public Service Summer Grants and Dean's Public Service Summer Fellowships (only for upper-class students). In addition, EJF Summer Augmenting Awards can be used to supplement either the Grant or Fellowship.

Other Sources of Summer Funding

In addition to Georgetown's Guaranteed Public Service Summer Funding programs, students can take advantage of several external (non-Georgetown) funding programs that provide stipends to students once they have secured an unpaid summer internship and programs that provide a stipend for their internship programs.  These programs run the gamut from location based to issue based funding.