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Online Scheduling: Begin by selecting OCS or OPICS, followed by the appointment type you wish to schedule and then your advisor. You will be required to register with the system. Please note that you must select the appropriate appointment type (e.g. JD Job Search for current student appointments) in order to see the available appointment slots for your assigned advisor.

A note to 1Ls:   The National Association for Legal Career Professionals (NALP) sets forth guidelines regarding legal employment. These guidelines state that first-year students should not meet with career advisor before October 15 and should not contact employers before December 1. Most large law firms conform to the NALP guidelines. However, many government agencies and public interest organizations are not members of NALP, and a few set deadlines before December 1 for non-legal positions. 1L advisors are as follows:

Section One:

Gary McGinnis (1Ls - OCS)
Celia Spiritos (2L/3Ls - OCS)
Nicole Vikan (OPICS)

Section Two:

Celia Spiritos (all class years - OCS)
Morgan Lynn-Alesker (OPICS)

Section Three:

Rob Cacace (1Ls - OCS)
Amy Killoran (2Ls/3Ls - OCS)
Lauren Dubin (OPICS)

Section Four:

Jen Van Buren (1Ls - OCS)
Amy Killoran (2Ls/3Ls - OCS)
Katie Dilks (OPICS)

Section Five:

Arielle Pacer (1Ls - OCS)
Nirvana Dove (2Ls/3Ls - OCS)
Barbara Moulton (OPICS)

Section Seven:

Marcia Shannon (OCS)**
Barbara Moulton (OPICS)


Nirvana Dove (OCS)
Nicole Vikan (OPICS)

**Please call the OCS front desk at 202-662-9300 to schedule an appointment with Marcia Shannon.

Alumni: Recent JD graduates can schedule appointments online with Amy Killoran. JD alumni seeking private sector counseling can call 202-662-9300 to make an appointment with Marilyn Tucker. JD alumni seeking public sector counseling can schedule an appointment with OPICS by calling 202-662-9655.

Clerkships: JD students seeking guidance about post-graduation judicial clerkships should first attend a clerkship information session held every Wednesday in OCS from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. (Sept. - May). For more information, please visit the Judicial Clerkships page.

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If you experience any difficulties while scheduling an appointment, contact the OCS or OPICS front desks at 202-662-9300 (OCS) or 202-662-9655 (OPICS).

* Have a quick question, check out walk-in hours schedule on the OCS and OPICS pages.

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