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Georgetown Students &Alumni - Access to Other Law Schools

NALP member law schools support a policy of providing job search assistance to students and graduates of other schools through reciprocity. This allows law schools to provide reasonable access to their career resources for law students and graduates from other law schools that agree to provide similar services.  

Please note that available services vary by school. We ask that you review the reciprocity policy of the school you are interested in contacting before we make the request. Current reciprocity policies may be found through the NALP website or the individual law school's website. You may request reciprocity with one school per state at a time.

If you would like to request reciprocity, email In your request, please submit your graduation year and the names of up to three law schools where you would like to receive services. 

Please note: Most law schools have a period of time during which no reciprocity requests are granted. This black-out period typically occurs between August 1 and December 15, when law schools are preparing for and conducting their on-campus recruitment programs.

Students from Other Schools - Access to Georgetown Law

The Office of Career Strategy at Georgetown University Law Center provides limited access to its resources to students and graduates of fellow law schools under the following conditions:

Reciprocity is granted on a one-to-one basis to students and graduates of accredited law schools that allow Georgetown Law students and graduates to use their facilities and resources. Services are only granted to the extent that the reciprocating school provides in-kind services. 

Requests for reciprocity must be made in writing from a career services official of the requesting law school to the Office of Career Strategy. Reciprocal services are available for a period of three months from the date on which reciprocity is granted or until July 14, whichever occurs first. Reciprocity is not extended from July 15 through November 15. 

Reciprocity services include 30-day access to our online job bank, Symplicity. When applying through Symplicity, applicants are required to state that they have received access to the job listing through a reciprocal agreement. 

Reciprocity services do not include access to password-protected areas of Georgetown Law web pages, participation in on- or off-campus recruitment programs or counseling services. No walk-in or phone requests are honored.

The Office of Career Strategy reserves the right to revoke privileges extended to an individual at any time. The Office of Career Strategy reserves the right to modify our Reciprocity Policy at any time, without advance notice.

Requests for reciprocity can be directed to

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