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Georgetown Law students have virtually unlimited opportunities to participate in pro bono and community service work while in law school. Georgetown's Office of Public Interest and Community Service (OPICS) has established strong relationships with numerous government and nonprofit organizations that value the assistance of Georgetown Law students, and regularly seek volunteers on a part-time basis. Whether you are a 1L or an upperclassman, taking advantage of these service opportunities not only allows you to give back to the community around you, but can be a valuable stepping stone in your career.

For purposes of the Pro Bono Pledge, Georgetown distinguishes between two types of service:

  1. Pro bono (law-related) service work: Pro Bono refers to uncompensated law-related volunteer work, usually supervised by a licensed attorney or faculty member. Pro bono work is generally conducted on behalf of persons with limited means, or on behalf of charitable or public interested organizations. Examples of pro bono work might include performing intake at a legal clinic, conducting legal research and writing, or assisting with court proceedings. 
  2. Community Service: By contrast, community service refers to uncompensated non-legal volunteer work, usually performed on behalf of a nonprofit organization, government agency, or organized program that serves a particular community or benefits the general public.

For more information about the distinction between pro bono and community service, as well as their relevance in satisfying the Pro Bono Pledge requirements, see Pro Bono Pledge.

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