Linde Hoffman Updated Headshot

Linde Hoffman joined the Center for Innovations in Community Safety as a Project Coordinator in June 2022, where she supports the Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) Project. In her role, Linde manages the implementation process for all ABLE agencies, beginning with onboarding, continuing through training, and onto long-term sustainability of the program. She also supervises the regional initiatives for Northern California and the St. Louis Metro area and the statewide initiative for Utah, hosts monthly webinars for ABLE agencies featuring experts on law enforcement training instruction and active bystandership, and gives presentations on ABLE’s work to law enforcement audiences at conferences across the country.

Prior to joining the team at Georgetown, Linde worked in a variety of roles within the criminal legal field, from conducting research on state-sanctioned violence, drafting expungement petitions for people with criminal records, managing re-entry cases for people transitioning back to society after a period of incarceration, teaching courses to detainees in Cook County Jail in Chicago, and assisting on the DOJ pattern-or-practice investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department. The relationships she built with correctional officers in Chicago led to the implementation of a strength-finding training for detainees based on the principles of positive psychology. Her experiences working with law enforcement officers, correctional officers, detainees, incarcerated individuals, parolees, and people with criminal records have provided her with a wide lens when it comes to criminal legal system reform.

Linde received her B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, magna cum laude. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Public Policy from the Georgetown McCourt School part-time to further explore her passion for innovation in the field.