Date: December 3, 2020

With signs of promising efficacy among the candidate COVID-19 vaccines, the public anxiously awaits the vaccine to slow the pandemic and help restore our usual ways of life. Yet uncertainty remains on how once-approved vaccines will reach the public. Will vaccines be able to meet the global demand? How can we ensure equitable distribution so that the vaccine is accessible to those at greatest risk? 

The panelists will share their perspectives on these challenging questions and provide insight into what safe, rapid, and equitable COVID-19 vaccine distribution could look like. 


Moderated by: Alexandra Phelan, Georgetown University Law Center; Georgetown University Medical Center
The O’Neill Institute Colloquium is an annual discussion series that addresses the most important health law issues of the day. This event is co-sponsored by Georgetown University Global Health Initiative (GHI).
Accommodation requests related to a disability should be sent to by November 27. A good-faith effort will be made to fulfill requests. A captioned version of this presentation will also be made available shortly by December 7 on YouTube.