Apply for Cohort 6

Early application due May 20, 2022

This application is for applicants beginning Georgetown Law in Fall 2022. Because of the nature of the Business Law Scholars program, transfer students may not apply.

BLS Application – Spring 2022 (compliant)

Students who are in the application process for Georgetown Law may apply concurrently to the Business Law Scholars program, regardless of admission status to Georgetown Law. Decisions will be communicated to applicants within two weeks of acceptance to Georgetown Law after the deadline for applications has passed.

Students who do not apply prior to the Spring deadline may still be considered for Cohort 6, but will enter the pool of candidates applying during their first year of law school. (Applications for first year students will be accepted through the December 19, 2022 deadline and communicated by January 13, 2023.)


For questions or assistance in completing your applications, contact Deanne Marino, program manager, at