Faculty Support Team

Our Team

At the beginning of each semester, each full-time, non-clinical faculty member is assigned an individual faculty assistant, who works a hybrid schedule and supports approximately 15 faculty members. Each faculty assistant has a team lead, who provides in-person coverage on faculty assistant work-from-home days and executes more specialized administrative tasks, including reimbursement submission and workshop coordination.

Director of Faculty Support

Beverly Sapp, Director, x9661

Team 500 First/Hotung

Jess Dowd, Team Lead, x6588
Gail Pullen, Faculty Assistant, x9402
Luke Saha, Faculty Assistant, x9404
Whitney Carr, Faculty Assistant, x9451

Team McDonough 4th Floor

Victoire Saperstein, Team Lead, x9322
Noreen Tareque, Faculty Assistant, x9104
Mabintou Ouattara, Faculty Assistant, x9485

Team McDonough 4th/5th Floor

Vacant, Team Lead, xxxxx
Melanie Hudgens, Faculty Assistant, x4245
Yocelyn Mercado, Faculty Assistant, x9417

Legal Practice Program

Liz Cavender, Legal Practice Program Associate, x9525