Getting Started at Georgetown Law Checklist

Please click here for a checklist of tasks related to onboarding and getting started at Georgetown Law.


New adjunct faculty members receive personnel and payroll forms with or shortly following their appointment letters in early summer. Submit the appropriate forms to the Payroll Office in a timely fashion to avoid delaying the process of generating your Georgetown University Network ID (NetID) and photo identification (GOCard). Federal law requires that every new paid employee complete the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (Form I-9) prior to beginning work. The I-9 form requires you to present original, unexpired documents that establish your identity and employment eligibility in person for examination by Payroll Office staff.

To schedule an appointment to submit forms and present documentation, or if you have any questions about payroll matters, please contact:

Melvinia Towns, Payroll Manager
Office of Financial Affairs, Georgetown Law
600 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Room 583
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 662-9050

Once you have received your NetID, log-in to GMS to complete the online Federal Tax (W-4) form. We also strongly recommend that you enroll in direct deposit to facilitate payment of your stipend. (These items will appear in the “to-do” action of your GMS workfeed). Adjunct faculty members receive their payment in one lump sum during the semester in which they teach. If your employer requires all such income to be paid directly to the employer, please notify your Law Center liaison and the Payroll Office as soon as possible and have your employer complete the appropriate online tax form. You also will be required to complete an employment-related form and to submit documentation of your employer’s policy (e.g., an excerpt from the employee handbook or a letter from your employer explaining the policy).


The Georgetown One Card (GOCard) is the required identification card for all students, faculty, and staff at Georgetown Law, and includes your Georgetown ID number. The GOCard provides access to campus buildings and the parking garage and is also a debit card that can be used in the cafeteria, bookstore, and vending machines, and to make photocopies, print documents, and check out materials from the Law Library.

Visit the Law Center GOCard Office to obtain your Georgetown Law identification card. If it has been fewer than two business days since you received your NetID, call (202) 662-9915 to confirm that you are in their system. You can have your photo taken in person or email the GoCard office a JPEG photo in advance.

More information, including office hours, is online at the GOCard Office page.


Follow this link for more information about parking at the Law Center.


Follow this link for more information about getting started with Law Center systems.

RESPECT: Preventing Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct

In early 2015, Georgetown launched a university-wide mandatory online program for all faculty and staff: RESPECT: Preventing Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct. All adjunct, full-time, and visiting faculty members are required by the University to take this online course prior to the start of the semester in which they teach.

Georgetown is committed to creating a respectful and inclusive culture. As members of the Georgetown community, we are all responsible for ensuring that everyone in our community has the opportunity to learn and work in an environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct. Recent events at colleges and universities across the nation remind us that we must all be knowledgeable about our legal responsibilities and vigilant in creating a respectful learning and work environment. RESPECT is a course designed to help you avoid, recognize, and report discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct. The course provides you with information about University resources, policies, and procedures to address and resolve such matters.

To start the course, log-in with your NetID at the Respect Training page. Once you have finished the course including the Mastery Test, which reinforces what you have learned, you will be presented with a printable certificate indicating that you have completed the course. This is your primary confirmation that you have completed training. For tracking purposes or if additional confirmation is needed, a link to your certification also appears in the Career section of your profile in GMS and can be accessed by your Law Center liaison within 24 hours of completion. If you have technical issues, please contact the University Information Services (UIS) Helpdesk at (202) 687-4949.