Professional Development Committee

Our Mission

To provide professional and personal development programming opportunities in order to

  • Increase efficient office operations and ensure compliance with University policies
  • Cultivate and develop leadership and management aspirations in staff
  • Improve communication between managers, employees, and customers
  • Train in critical business skills such as customer service, information technology, and financial planning
  • Promote a holistic approach toward employee satisfaction in the workplace through wellness promotion and community building

Contact Us

For comments, feedback, and questions, please email us at

2016-2017 Committee Members

Karen Pierce, Co-Chair
Wellness Promotion
Tracey Thomas, Co-Chair
Law Library
Dancia Brodie
Business Services
Jill Castleman
Academic Conferences and Continuing Legal Education Center
Katie Evans
Center on Privacy & Technology
Elizabeth Henderson
Facilities Management
Molly Jackson
Graduate Programs
Jini Kim
Charles Pruett
Financial Aid
Kirsten Reppert
Law Annual Fund
Christine Washington
Institute of International Economic Law
Law Center Toastmasters:
Lynn Clemmons
Jen Van Buren
Career Services

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