Getting Started:

Georgetown University Network ID (NetID) and Password

The key to electronic communications at the Law Center is your Georgetown University Network ID (NetID). You are required to obtain a NetID prior to teaching, as you will need it to access all University applications, including LawMail (email), MyAccess (online course information), the Georgetown Law Apps Server (online information specific to the Law Center), Canvas, and the Georgetown Management System (GMS) (online personnel and tax records).

Two weeks after submitting your payroll and personnel forms, be on the lookout for an email containing your NetID (electronic ID) and temporary password. Reset your password within 72 hours after you receive this information. After this initial reset, you will need to change your password every six months at Georgetown’s NetID Password Management System. If you forget your password, you can reset it at Georgetown’s NetID Password Management System by answering security questions that you set up during your initial reset. If your password expires, cannot be reset online, or if you would prefer to reset it via phone, call the UIS Helpdesk on the main campus at (202) 687-4949 and press option 1 twice for NetID services. If you do not receive an email with your NetID two weeks after submitting your payroll and personnel forms and you have already received your appointment letter, please contact your Law Center liaison.


Georgetown Law’s email system is called LawMail. Your LawMail address is [YourNetID] Most faculty members have their LawMail accounts forwarded to another email address so that they do not have to review multiple email accounts.

To arrange for email forwarding, please complete the Change Email Forwarding form. When completing the form, please defer to the default option and do not enable the “Check to Leave a Copy of Incoming Messages in Your Georgetown Law Mail Inbox” field. Your LawMail inbox can fill up quickly, especially if you are not consistently checking it. You also may use this form to change the email address to which your LawMail is forwarded. If you have any problems with this online form, please contact the Law Center Service Desk at contact the Law Center Service Desk at

The Georgetown University Online Directory lists all University email addresses and contact information. The Online Directory is located here.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Law Center’s secured wireless network is called GULAW-SECURE. Instructions on how to connect to GULAW-SECURE can be found here. If you do not yet have a NetID and need access to the internet, please use the GULAW EVENTS wireless network. Please contact the Law Center Service Desk at or (202) 662-9284 for this password.

Georgetown Management System (GMS)

The Georgetown Management System (GMS) is a secure, web-based HR platform that allows users access to view payroll information, change personal data, change federal tax forms, update addresses, enter direct deposit information, and update emergency contact information. Users can also access their W-2s in GMS. To access GMS, log in with your NetID (as your username) and your NetID password at the Georgetown Management System. While GMS is both PC and Apple compatible, you can only use Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0 or higher or Firefox 3.5 or higher to access the system. Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or higher must be installed on your computer. If you have technical questions concerning accessing the system, please contact the Law Center Service Desk at contact the Law Center Service Desk at Questions concerning use of GMS can be directed to the GMS Helpdesk at or (202) 687-4949, option 2. You can also peruse the GMS website, which provides helpful information and a tutorial on how to navigate the system.

MyAccess and Class Rosters

MyAccess is the University system that provides online faculty services, including your class roster and a list of your students’ email addresses (see instructions for obtaining your roster and email list here). You can also use MyAccess to view your waitlist and to view your class schedule. In addition, all faculty members submit their grades to the Registrar’s Office via MyAccess. Log in to MyAccess using your NetID and password. For assistance in using the MyAccess system, please contact the Office of the Registrar at or (202) 662-9220 or your Law Center liaison.

Audiovisual (AV) Support

The Audiovisual (AV) Department is located in McDonough 106 and provides a variety of services to support your class, including: video playback and recording, video and data projection, and nonlinear video editing. The AV Department has a small private recording area that can be used to record depositions, mock negotiations, oral arguments and interviews. Most Law Center classrooms have built-in data projectors for use with laptop computers. Apple users who wish to connect their Mac or iPad to data projectors are strongly advised to bring the appropriate DVI-VGA video adapter for their device. If you use the data projectors or flat screens, please remember to turn them off at the end of class.

If you need to request audiovisual (AV) services for a class, please complete the form located at Requests must be submitted at least two (2) weeks before the start of the class or the event.

Hotung 1000 and Hotung 2000 are smart-classrooms. Each room is equipped with lectern computers, DVD units, built-in data projectors, video cameras and controls for lighting and sound. McDonough 200 is also a smart-classroom, with video-conferencing capabilities. Video tutorials for all of the Law Center’s smart-classrooms can be found here. The Flegal Moot Court, located in Gewirz 108, is equipped with a 54-inch plasma display, connection points for laptop displays, and facilities for video recording and playback using SDHC 4 GB cards class 4 or higher. Faculty may request these cards from the AV Department via email at

Policy for Audio- or Video-Recording of Classes

Under the Policy for Audio- or Video-Recording of Classes, Georgetown Law will record and provide access to course audio-recordings to students under limited circumstance. Please be advised that this is an OPT OUT policy for faculty: all classes will be recorded unless the faculty member notifies us that he/she does not want his/her classes to be recorded. Georgetown Law will also audio-record a class without faculty permission, but with prior notice to the faculty member, when the audio-recording is required by law as an appropriate accommodation for students with disabilities.

Prior to the beginning of the semester, the Office of J.D. Academic Services or the Office of Graduate Programs will request your preference as to whether and when your class may be recorded. To preview the four options from which you have to choose, please review the Policy.

Students request access to the audio-recordings of their classes by completing the online Course Audio-Recording Form.  Requests are routed to the Office of J.D. Academic Services or the Office of Graduate Programs for review and approval.

Note that most classrooms are outfitted with technology to allow for audio and video recording using the Echo360 system. This system allows all students access to recordings for each class session on an unlimited basis. If you would like to learn more about recording with Echo360, please contact your Law Center liaison or the IST department.