Carl F. Goodman

International Legal Consultant, Adjunct Professor of Law

B.B.A., City College of New York, Baruch; J.D., Brooklyn Law School; LL.M., Georgetown

Professor Goodman is a retired partner in the firm of Jones, Day and had, previously, been a partner in the firm of Surrey &Morse. He...

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Professor Goodman is a retired partner in the firm of Jones, Day and had, previously, been a partner in the firm of Surrey &Morse. He began his legal career in the U.S. Department of Justice under the Honor's Program and was a special assistant to the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division. Following that assignment, he moved on to serve in the Civil Division's Office of Alien Property litigating Trading with the Enemy Act cases, then to the U.S. Department of State where he served as the U.S. government's Agent before the International Lake Ontario Claims Tribunal. Professor Goodman also served in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and then as General Counsel of the Civil Service Commission. Following his government service, he rejoined Surrey & Morse in their New York City office, where he developed a Japan-related practice and became a partner in Jones Day when Surrey & Morse and Jones Day merged in 1986. Retiring from Jones Day in 1991, Professor Goodman became a professor of Anglo-American law at the Hiroshima University in Japan.

Since returning to the United States in 1995, he has been a consultant to Japanese companies and their American subsidiaries. Professor Goodman is a member of the American Law Institute and a previous member of the Council of the Administrative Law Section of the ABA and was chairman of the Committee on Administrative Law of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. He is the author of the Handbook of Public Personnel Law published by the Law Journal Press, and numerous law review articles dealing with international law and civil service legal issues. In the spring of 2003 he was a Researcher at Tokyo University, Faculty of Law under a Fulbright grant and in 2010 was a visiting scholar at Chuo University in Tokyo. Professor Goodman has lectured on American Law at Japanese universities and on Japanese Law in the United States, Santiago, Chile and Vancouver British Columbia, Canada He was a visiting professor at Temple University, Tokyo in 2005. In September 2004 Oceana Publications Inc. published his book Justice and Civil Procedure in Japan. His book, The Rule of Law in Japan--A Comparative Analysis, was published in January 2003 by Kluwer Law International –a revised second edition was published in 2008, 3rd edition in 2012 and 4th Revised Edition in 2017. In 2017 the Washington International Law Journal published his article on Japanese plans to amend the 1947 Constitution, "CONTEMPLATED AMENDMENTS TO JAPAN'S 1947 CONSTITUTION: A RETURN TO IYE, KOKUTAI AND THE MEIJI STATE" (26 Washington Int'l L. J. 17 (2017) and the Asia Pacific Journal published on the Web his article "The Threat to Japanese Democracy: The LDP Plan for Constitutional Revision to Introduce Emergency Powers", 15 Asia Pacific Journal (5/15/17). His writings have been extensively cited and portions of some have been reproduced in other works. He was the recipient of Charles Fehy Distinguished Adjunct Professor Award, Georgetown University Law Center (2005).

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