Indivar Dutta-Gupta is Co-Executive Director at the Georgetown Center on Poverty & Inequality where he leads work to develop and advance ideas for reducing domestic poverty and economic inequality, with particular attention to gender and racial equity. Professor Dutta-Gupta also serves on the National Academy of Social Insurance’s (NASI) board of directors and is a member of the Institute for Research Poverty, Employment and Self-Sufficiency Network.

Previously, Professor Dutta-Gupta was Project Director at Freedman Consulting, LLC, leading strategic initiatives for major philanthropies, children’s groups, and workers’ organizations. Professor Dutta-Gupta served as Senior Policy Advisor at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, focusing on budget and tax policies and cross-cutting low-income issues. Earlier, he served as Ways and Means Committee Professional Staff in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Professor Dutta-Gupta was an Emerson National Hunger Fellow at DC Hunger Solutions and the Center for American Progress. Professor Dutta-Gupta was named a First Focus Campaign for Children Champion for Children and received the Congressional Hunger Center Alumni Leadership Award (2016). He was named one of Washington Life magazine’s most Influential 40-And-Under Leaders (2013) and Rising Stars 40 And Under (2016). Professor Dutta-Gupta is an honors graduate of the University of Chicago and a Harry S. Truman Scholar.