Jennifer Krombach is an Adjunct Professor of Law and Reference Librarian at the Georgetown University Law Library. She received her B.A. from the University of Virginia. She holds a Masters of Library and Information Science from the Catholic University of America, and a J.D. from the Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law. Prior to joining Georgetown, Professor Krombach practiced family law in Northern Virginia. She is an active member of the Virginia State Bar.


Selected Contributions to Other Publications

Jennifer Kim Krombach, Learning From What A.I. Isn't, Law Libr. Lights, Summer 2020, at 1-4.
Jennifer Kim Krombach, Law Libr. Lights, Spring 2020, at 11-14 (reviewing Thomas W. Britt & Steve M. Jex, Thriving Under Stress: Harnessing Demands in the Workplace (2015)).