LL.M. Adjunct Faculty

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John M. Facciola
Retired U.S. Magistrate Judge
Adjunct Professor of Law
A.B., College of the Holy Cross; J.D., Georgetown


Mark B. Feldman
Of Counsel, Garvey, Schubert, and Barer
Adjunct Professor of Law
LL.B., Harvard; A.B., Wesleyan; Diplome, University of Paris


Ernesto Fernandez
Adjunct Professor of Law
LL.B., Escuela Libre de Derecho, San José, Costa Rica. LL.M. (International Trade Law and European Union Law), University of Amsterdam.


Caryn D. Finley
Assistant Chief, U.S. Department of Justice, Tax Division, Southern Criminal Enforcement Section
Adjunct Professor of Law
B.A., Brandeis University; J.D., Brooklyn Law School


Julie A. Finocchiaro
Trial Attorney, Organized Crime and Gang Section, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice
Adjunct Professor of Law
B.A., University of Delaware; M.S., American; J.D., American


Nancy B. Firestone
Judge, U.S. Court of Federal Claims
Adjunct Professor of Law
B.A., Washington University; J.D., University of Missouri


Geraldine R. Fischer
Legal Counsel, World Bank - ICSID
Adjunct Professor of Law
B.A., Tufts; J.D., American; LL.M., National University of Singapore (Asian Legal Studies).


Peter F. Fitzgerald
Partner, Chadbourne & Parke LLP
Adjunct Professor of Law
B.A. University of Notre Dame; J.D., Rutgers Law School-Newark


Sheila E. Fleischhacker
Public Health Law Researcher and Nutrition Scientist
Adjunct Professor of Law
J.D., Loyola University of Chicago; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University


Erica V. Franzetti
Counsel, Dechert LLP
Adjunct Professor of Law
J.D. Equivalent, University of São Paulo Law School; LL.M., Georgetown


David R. Fredrickson
Chief Counsel/Associate Director, Division of Corporation Finance, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Adjunct Professor of Law
A.B., University of California; J.D. Georgetown

Alexa Freeman

Alexa Freeman
Director, S.J.D. Program
Visiting Professor of Law
B.A., George Washington; J.D., American University; LL.M., Yale


Karl A. Frieden
Vice President and General Counsel, Council On State Taxation
Adjunct Professor of Law
B. A., University of California, Berkeley; J.D. Northeastern


Jeffrey A. Friedman
Partner, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP
Adjunct Professor of Law
B.S., J.D., University of Maryland; LL.M., Georgetown

Michael S. Frisch

Michael S. Frisch
Ethics Counsel, Georgetown University Law Center
Adjunct Professor of Law
B.A., Case Western Reserve; J.D., Georgetown


Lawrence R. Fullerton
Retired Partner, Sidley Austin LLP
Adjunct Professor of Law
A.B., Princeton University; M.A., J.D., University of Virginia


Richard D. Fultz
Executive Director, Tax Controversy and Risk Management Services, Ernst & Young LLP
Adjunct Professor of Law
B.A., J.D., University of Florida, Gainesville; LL.M., Georgetown

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