Nate Mensah is a Visiting Professor at Georgetown Law School teaching and supervising in the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Clinics. Professor Mensah earned his JD from American University Washington College of Law in 2014, and his LLM from Georgetown Law Center in 2016. From 2014 to 2016, Professor Mensah was an E. Barrett Prettyman Fellow at Georgetown University Law Center’s Juvenile and Criminal Justice Clinics. As a fellow, he represented indigent youth and adults in D.C. Superior Court and supervised JJC students.

Professor Mensah spent 5 years at the D.C. Public Defender Service (PDS) as a trial attorney representing both adult and youth clients charged with serious felony offenses in D.C. Superior Court. He has trial experience representing clients in complex cases including homicide, robbery, drug distribution, and other armed offenses. At PDS, Nate was also involved in special litigation initiatives regarding forensic issues, competency, the insanity defense, police misconduct, and fair cross section jury selection issues. In addition to his work as trial counsel, he has worked on post-conviction issues, including compassionate release, sex offender registration, Due Process sentencing challenges, and youth resentencing.


Contributions to Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

Nathaniel Mensah, “Can You Hear Me Now?”: The Right to Counsel Prior to Execution of a Cell Phone Search Warrant, 107 Minn. L. Rev. 1129-1181 (2023). [WWW] [HEIN] [W] [L]