Sharon Buccino is an Adjunct Professor of Law. Her areas of expertise include Natural Resource, Energy and Administrative Law. She has spent 25 years working as an attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council. Professor Buccino led NRDC’s litigation under the Freedom of Information Act to compel production of the Cheney Energy Task Force papers. She has brought successful litigation challenging oil and gas leasing in Utah and coal leasing in Wyoming and Montana. Professor Buccino’s most recent litigation involves action by the Federal Communications Commission to eliminate environmental, historic and cultural review for siting cell towers and other wireless infrastructure. In addition to representing NRDC in court, Professor Buccino frequently testifies before Congressional committees and comments on federal agency rulemaking.

Prior to joining NRDC, Professor Buccino practiced with a private firm in Washington, D.C. and worked for the Land Use Section in the San Francisco City Attorney’s office. She clerked for Justice Allen Compton on the Alaska Supreme Court.