Volume 100

Welcome to The Georgetown Law Journal Online

by Kate Klonick

Welcome to The Georgetown Law Journal Online, the blog and online companion to The Georgetown Law Journal.

The Georgetown Law Journal Online, like the Journal, is a general legal publication that contains more informal blog posts as well as formal responses to in-print scholarship, scholarly debates, and case comments. The launch of The Georgetown Law Journal Online coincides with a significant benchmark in the Journal‘s history: the celebration of its 100th Volume.

In reflecting on one hundred years of Journal scholarship, it seemed fitting to also look forward to where the next century will take us. With that in mind, The Georgetown Law Journal Online asked four great modern legal minds to write about the intersection of the law and the Internet:

Ken Jost, the Supreme Court editor for CQ Press, was also once the editor-in-chief of The Georgetown Law Journal. In addition to his work at CQ, Mr. Jost is an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown Law and the author of his own legal blog, Jost on Justice. His inaugural post on The Georgetown Law Journal Online touches on how the Internet has affected legal scholarship and journalism.

Radley Balko, a senior writer and investigative journalist for The Huffington Post, writes on civil liberties and crime.  His award-winning journalism has been featured in a multitude of places, from The Wall Street Journal to Playboy. His inaugural post on The Georgetown Law Journal Online tells two stories that demonstrate the power of the Internet to bring about justice and effect legal change.

Pamela Jones is the founder and former editor of Groklaw, a landmark blog addressing the law and open source issues. As one of the first people covering the law as it intersected with the Internet and technology, Ms. Jones’s inaugural post for The Georgetown Law Journal Online reflects on the growth of the open-source movement and the continued need for online involvement from academia.

Mike Sacks is the Supreme Court reporter for The Huffington Post, a recent Georgetown Law  graduate, the founder of First One @ One First, a blog he began in law school, reporting directly from the Supreme Court. Mr. Sacks will close out the inaugural week of The Georgetown Law Journal Onlineby discussing the potential role of online blogs on legal scholarship and the legal world in general.

We hope that you continue to check in to The Georgetown Law Journal Online for a wide range of legal commentary and scholarship in the days, months, and years to come.