Avraham Spraragen

Avraham graduated with Distinction from Cornell University, where he majored in Government with a double minor in Near Eastern Studies and History. He previously studied Middle East politics and history at the London School of Economics, Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Avraham has addressed the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland and interned at foreign policy think tanks worldwide.

Before Georgetown, Avraham was studying Arabic in Amman, Jordan. He is pursuing a dual J.D-M.A. Arab Studies degree at Georgetown Law and Georgetown School of Foreign Service, respectively. Avraham is also completing a Graduate Certificate in Refugees, Migration and Humanitarian Emergencies at the Georgetown Institute for the Study of International Migration and intends to serve as a Human Rights Associate at the Georgetown Human Rights Institute. In addition, Avraham serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Georgetown Middle East and North Africa Forum and as Editor-at-Large of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. This summer Avraham is continuing his study of the Arabic language in Rabat, Morocco and interning at the Middle East Institute in Washington DC.