Photo of Carson Hauth

Carson Hauth graduated from the University of Oregon in 2019 summa cum laude with honors in French and International Studies, with a concentration in Comparative International Development and a minor in Arabic. He spent his junior year studying political science at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Lyon and conducting research for his honors thesis on radical Islamic terrorism and secular national identity politics in France.

As an undergraduate he worked as a researcher on the political economy of the Sinai region in Egypt as well as on the role of grassroots youth protest movements during the Arab Spring. In 2019 Carson won an award for distinguished conduct at the West Coast Model European Union Competition and was a certified program leader in the Outdoor Pursuits Program for three years. Before coming to Georgetown, he spent a year teaching English in La Rochelle, France through the TAPIF program. Beyond academics, Carson is an enthusiastic rock climber and backpacker.