Photo of Emilia Pierce

Emilia Pierce graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2013 with a dual degree in Developmental Economics and International Relations. While at UW – Madison she founded a local chapter of GlobeMed and did extensive work organizing fellow students around issues of global health, social justice, and ethical student engagement. After graduating, Emilia interned in Cambodia with a woman’s health organization before moving on to work in northern Uganda for a local nonprofit that focused on post-conflict reconstruction, women’s rights, and sexual violence in the wake of their decades long civil war.

Her work in Uganda led her to a position as the US Director of a Nigerian community development organization where she focused on education, community organizing, and public health in the Niger Delta region. In 2016, Emilia went to work for the USO, first in Kuwait and then Southern Afghanistan serving deployed US and NATO troops. She is planning to focus on National Security Law while pursuing her JD at Georgetown, and is particularly passionate about humanitarian law, law of armed conflict, peace and security issues, transitional justice, ungoverned spaces, substate violence, and the evolving future of armed conflict (both national and international). Emilia is married and has three children ages 12, 4, and 3 mo, and the little spare time she has is spent at the gym, devouring a good book, or curled up with her husband.