Olivia was born and raised in France. She moved to New York for college, where she majored in History and pursued minors in Philosophy, Psychology and Creative Writing. She graduated from NYU in 2018, obtaining honors with distinction for her senior thesis. Her research on dynamics of citizenship in the French Foreign Legion focused on the German experience with the institution in the early 20th century.

She received several grants to pursue her research and was named the Rose and Barry McMerney Research Scholar of the year in Fall 2017. While at NYU, Olivia was an active member of the international community and was part of the College of Arts and Sciences International Students Club elected board for three consecutive years, and was elected president of the club at the end of her junior year. For her work with international students within the NYU community, Olivia was awarded a President’s Service Award in 2018. Olivia is fluent in French, her native language, and possesses an advanced level of German.