Ryan Pereira graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida Honors College in 2013, where he studied political science and Arabic. After graduating, Ryan worked at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), where he co-authored a White Paper on the Islamic State for the U.S. Special Operations Command Central and participated in several Defense Department simulations on the military campaign against ISIL. In December 2014, Ryan was named a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on ISIL.

Around the same time, Ryan began pursuing his Masters’ Degree from Georgetown’s Security Studies Program, specializing in terrorism and counter-terrorism. During his studies, Ryan interned and translated a book on Tunisian jihadism for terrorism expert Aaron Zelin, studied Arabic in Amman, Jordan, and co-founded Objective Zero, a non-profit and smart phone application that aims to eliminate the problem of veteran suicide in the United States. After graduating, Ryan worked as a part-time consultant for Valens Global, conducting research in support of a D.C.-based law firm that was considering filing a lawsuit against two multi-national corporations that were accused of illegally paying bribes to free employees held by al-Qaeda-linked groups in Syria and Iraq. Ryan continues to work as a terrorism analyst and translator for the non-profit Counter Extremism Project. Ryan is passionate about the Arabic language and culture, Islamic history and studies, and the Middle East North Africa region.