The Digital Economy: Reimagining Taxation
in the Age of Digital Disruption

December 3, 2018
Washington, DC

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Georgetown Law’s IIEL, Vienna University’s Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Digital Economy Taxation Network were pleased to co-host this December 2018 conference, convening thought leaders and senior representatives from government, business, international organizations and academia.  Top-of-mind were issues including:

• Do our international tax rules work in a digitalized economy?  Should they be reformed?
• How can the tax community fully utilize the potential of the next wave of technology to transform and modernize our tax administrations?

Technological advancements and rapid evolutions in business models as industries become digitized are viewed by many to be challenging the traditional norms of international taxation.  This joint Symposium brought together global thought leaders across academia, government and industry to reflect on the latest transnational developments in reforming the international tax system to address digitization and other disruptions resulting from globalization.  At issue were the work of the OECD Digital Task Force, U.S. international tax reform, and the work in the digital space of the United Nations and the European Union, all as it impacts not just digital businesses in the United States and Europe, but the entire international tax architecture.  The Symposium brought participants together in a neutral and non-partisan setting that did not endorse any particular firm, industry, government or academic point of view.

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