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“As global norms and institutions face unprecedented scrutiny and resistance around the world, the Institute’s role in international legal and policy affairs has become more important than ever.

The next phase of the Institute’s growth will focus on some of the seminal challenges of our time —globalization and its backlash, sanctions, sustainable economic growth, and financial technology, data and automation.

In doing so, we look forward to new partnerships and collaborations, and building on the scores of relationships that help make the Institute a success each year.”

Chris Brummer
Agnes N. Williams Research Professor
Director, Institute of International Economic Law
Georgetown University Law Center

Partner With Us

As both an academic and policy-research organization, the Institute of International Economic Law (IIEL) prides itself on rigorous and thoughtful analysis, all with real-world policy impact. Widely respected in Washington, DC and beyond, IIEL consistently engages many of the top private and public sector leaders in the country and acts as a formidable convener in the city and beyond.

As a result, the Institute partners with a variety of organizations, including leading law firms, notable think tanks, international organizations, other academic institutions, governments and corporations. If you are interested in sponsoring an IIEL program or event, please contact us at