Years of academic research and on-the-ground experience have shown us that effective active bystandership can be taught. The Georgetown University Innovative Policing Program, partnering with global law firm Sheppard Mullin, has created Project ABLE to prepare officers to successfully intervene to prevent harm and to create a law enforcement culture that supports peer intervention.

With the assistance of the Baltimore Police Department, the New Orleans Police Department, the Philadelphia Police Department, and the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, along with a team of experts in a variety of fields, Project ABLE is pleased to announce the following events to help bring meaningful active bystander training to police agencies across the United States.

ABLE Project Train-The-Trainer Events

Session 1-  Two+ days: September 25 (2 hrs); Sept. 30-Oct. 1 (full-days); Oct. 2 (2 hrs)
Session 2-  Two+ days: October 26 (2 hrs); Oct. 28-29 (full-days); November 2 (2 hrs)


Enrollment Is Limited (Max Enrollment Per Agency = 3)

Please Note: The September and October sessions have reached capacity.  Due to the demand, we will be adding additional sessions to our 2020 schedule.  Complete applications (with the four letters of support) for those sessions will be considered on a rolling basis.  Use the link below to apply.



Purpose:  Provide select law enforcement agency trainers world-class instruction to enable them to conduct certified ABLE training for their departments and surrounding jurisdictions.

Intended Audience:  Select law enforcement agency officers, supervisors, and instructors (from departments committed to cultural change) interested in becoming ABLE-certified trainers.

Representative Speakers:  This multi-day program will be taught by a number of experts in the field of law enforcement, civil rights, psychology, health/wellness, and pedagogy.

Structure:  The inaugural ABLE T3 event will be structured as a fully-interactive 2+ day virtual training program, which will include interactive discussion, scenario-based role play, and a variety of hands-on activities. Participants will be expected to complete assigned pre-event reading, attend the full ABLE training, and perform a critiqued practice teaching session before receiving their certificate.

Cost:  Free to departments willing to commit to creating a culture of active bystandership and peer intervention through policy, training, support, and accountability.  The ABLE Standards to which departments must commit in order to send instructors to the T3 training event are available HERE.

Application Note: To participate in the ABLE Project T3 event, you will have to submit the following FOUR letters:

-One letter from your agency head (e.g., Chief, Commissioner, Superintendent, Sheriff, etc.) supporting the agency’s participation in the ABLE training.

-One letter from the leader of the jurisdiction in which the agency is based (mayor, city manager, county executive, governor, etc.) supporting the agency’s participation in the ABLE training.

-Two letters from community organizations (e.g., local group advocating for changes in policing, NAACP chapter, faith organization, etc.) vouching for the sincerity of the agency’s interest in self-improvement in general and in ABLE in particular.

Please submit copies of your letters to as part of your application.

Past Events

Third Annual EPIC Peer Intervention Executive Leadership Conference*

August 5 and 6, 2020

Purpose:  This two-day program hosted by the New Orleans Police Department and Loyola University New Orleans College of Law provides a unique opportunity for police leaders to learn the science behind the NOPD’s EPIC active bystandership training program, and to identify concrete steps their agencies can take to implement active bystandership programs of their own.

Intended Audience:  Law enforcement leaders and law enforcement academy leaders.

Representative Speakers:  Superintendent Shaun Ferguson (NOPD), Dr. Ervin Staub (Professor Emeritus, Univ. Mass.), Dr. Joel Dvoskin (Univ. of Arizona), civil rights lawyer Mary Howell (New Orleans), and multiple members of the New Orleans Police Department.

Cost:  Free

Program Information:

(*EPIC is not a Georgetown Law/ABLE event.)

ABLE Virtual Open House – July 15, 2020

View a playlist of all of the sessions of our Virtual Open House, or see the full video below.

Purpose: This event will introduce the Georgetown Innovative Policing Program and the ABLE Project to law enforcement officials and national, state, and local leaders.  During the program,  a series of experienced speakers will discuss the principles of active bystandership in the context of policing, and share concrete steps any department can take to employ active bystandership training to reduce harm to civilians, reduce harm to officers, and drive cultural change.

Intended Audience:  Federal, state, local, and law enforcement officials and government decision-makers interested in promoting cultural change through active bystandership training.

Representative Speakers:  Commissioner Michael Harrison (Baltimore PD), Commissioner Danielle Outlaw (Philadelphia PD), Director Sue Rahr (Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission), Dr. Ervin Staub (Professor Emeritus, Univ. Mass.), Professor Christy Lopez (Georgetown Innovative Policing Program), multiple members of the New Orleans Police Department (the creators of the successful EPIC peer intervention program), and many other experts in the field.

Cost:  Free.

Agenda: Click here to view ABLE Virtual Open House Agenda
(Attendees will be able to come and go as they please.)