Printers are available for all patrons in both library locations. Each page impression costs 6 cents.  The cost is deducted from your GoCard or from a Georgetown University Debit Card.

Instructions on how to send and retrieve print jobs can be found by each print station.  Complete instructions on using the public printers are provided by the Law Center Information Systems & Technology (IST) Department.

GU Quest Debit Cards may be purchased at a GoCard Deposit Station for $1.  Money can be added to the cards at these same stations using $1, $5, $10, & $20 bills, but no change is given. Members of the Georgetown Community can add money to GoCards online. GoCard Deposit Stations are located at:

  • 3rd Floor Copy Room, Williams Library
  • Lower Level, Wolff Library
  • Cafeteria entrance, McDonough 1st Floor
  • Sport and Fitness Center entrance

For limited printing assistance, visit the Circulation Desk at either library.  Contact the IST Service Desk for technical assistance. For GoCard problems, visit the GoCard office (Sport & Fitness Building 2110), call 202-662-9056, or email
LexisNexis provides free printing from Lexis Advance to dedicated printers in Williams Room 435 and Wolff Room 4011.


Self-service scanners are available free of charge for all Georgetown Law Library patrons. Scanned pages may be sent to any email address, and some machines also allow scans to be saved to a portable USB drive. Due to email size limits, large documents may have to be scanned black and white and/or in batches.

Scanner Locations

  • Williams Library:
    • Reading Room in the Loewinger Lounge; photocopiers also have a scan function and are located in the Loewinger Lounge and on the 3rd and 4th floors.
  • Wolff Library: Circulation Desk; photocopiers also have a scan function and are located in the Public Computer Area.


Photocopiers are available to all library patrons, but machines only accept Georgetown GoCards or Guest Debit Cards. Please see Printing above for information on purchasing a card. Copiers default to double-sided copies. Photocopies are 8 cents per impression/side. 

Photocopier Locations

  • Williams Library: Reading Room in the Loewinger Lounge, 3rd floor copy room, and 4th floor center section room 425
  • Wolff Library: 3rd Floor Lower Level

Office Supplies

We have some basic supplies to assist with photocopying, printing, and document preparation:

  • Typewriters
    Useful for those bar applications, typewriters are located on the first floor in the Williams Media Center.
  • Staplers
    Printer stations and Circulation and Reference Desks in both libraries have either a regular or automatic stapler. Heavy-duty staplers are at both Circulation Desks.
  • Paper Cutter
    There is a paper cutter in the Williams third floor copy room. Don't run with it!
  • Three-Hole Punch
    Three-hole punches are at the Circulation Desk in both libraries, in the third floor copy room, and in the copier/scanner in the Williams Loewinger Lounge.
  • Pencil Sharpeners
    There are pencil sharpeners throughout the library, including:
    • 2nd Floor: In the copier/scanner area in the Loewinger Lounge
    • 4th Floor: Attached to the carrel at the Central stacks entrance
    • Wolff 3rd Floor Lower Level: Circulation Desk