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News and Reports for April 2013

Presidential Documents on your Mobile Device

Prsidential Mobile App Icon

Follow the daily activities of the President with this recently released mobile app. The Government Printing Office has coordinated with the Office of the Federal Register to create this functional app which allows users to search by keyword, review documents by date or limit results by type of document. Some of the materials available include:

  • executive orders
  • appointments and nominations
  • bill signings
  • speeches

Feel free to ask at the reference desk if you need any assistance with locating presidential documents.

Database of the Month

Bloomberg Law Icons

The Library can now provide easier access to the online versions of Practicing Law Institute (PLI) titles and BNA treatises.  These titles are now available via the online research platform, Bloomberg Law. 

Faculty can locate the current PLI titles and BNA treatises by searching the library catalog by title (e.g., "Soderquist on Corporate Law" [from PLI] or "Intellectual Property Law in Cyberspace" [from BNA Books]).  In addition, faculty can use a more general search to pull up any PLI title on a particular subject (e.g., pli bankruptcy). 

You can also search and browse these titles on Bloomberg Law directly by visiting, selecting the "Legal Analysis and News" tab, then "Books and Treatises." 

Faculty interested in creating a Bloomberg Law account may obtain one by following the instructions available in the Library's catalog.

Unique Collections of the Georgetown Law Library 

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the decision in Gideon v. Wainwright, the library would like to highlight the General Charles L. Decker Collection, a collection containing papers related to the National Defender Project, which ran from 1963 through 1971.  This collection was donated by General Charles Decker (1906 – 1983), a Georgetown law alumnus and adjunct faculty member.

Decker Collection Image

The National Defender Project is charged with improving the quality and quantity of public defender offices and with researching best practices in this area. 

Specific topics include public defenders, student defense clinics, the 1964 Criminal Justice Act, prisoner representation, and other indigent defense topics.

For more information, please contact Special Collections at

Transcripts & Audio in Hollingsworth v. Perry

Hollingsworth v. Perry Image

After decades of reluctance to release recordings of its oral arguments, the Supreme Court is now making them available by the end of each argument week.  Sometimes the court will release the recording on the same day as the hearing. For example you can listen to the audio and read the transcripts of the recent hearing in Hollingsworth v. Perry (The Proposition 8 case).

Legal Information Professionals at ASIL

Enhanced research skills, technology integration, and innovative legal practice; it would be hard to deny that these are part of the twenty-first century lawyer's toolkit. This seems no less true of the international lawyer, with an added element, equally important: global perspective. In light of new demands for current awareness (or in the age of Twitter, perhaps instant awareness) of legal events and changes in the law, what better time for the rise in visibility of legal information professionals at the annual meeting of the American Society of International Law?  Formation of the new International Legal Research Interest Group (ILRIG) heralds this phenomenon. What do we do at the meeting and how is this of benefit to our faculty and the Society?

ASIL Informer Logo

At this year's annual meeting, legal research professionals were busy staffing an on-site reference kiosk to assist panelists and attendees with last-minute assistance retrieving updated information. Since the formation of the ILRIG in 2010, the kiosk, as well as an informative newsletter (International Legal Research Informer), have been just two contributions by the group to a new synergy in international practice and scholarship that has arisen from data collection and presentation, emerging disruptions in sovereignty, and challenges to governance in the inherently transnational phenomenon of the internet. Librarians at Georgetown were able to stay informed and evaluate approaches to such issues as the following: 

  • data visualization, measurement of compliance, and crowd-sourcing information on victims and violations of human rights norms (Professor Margaret Satterthwaite, NYU School of Law, speaking at "The Future of Human Rights Fact-Finding," 9:45 a.m. April 4th);
  • complexity in governmental attempts to standardize- or assert authority over- the internet's web-based content. Additional issues of complexity include the expansion of the domain name system and international trade via the web (panelists hailing from Google as well as the Yale Information Society Project at "Challenges and Approaches to Effective Cyberspace Governance in a Multipolar World," 11:30 a.m. April 4th). 

ILRIG was among the co-sponsors of these lively presentations.


Faculty Publications since March 2013


Journal Articles

Hope M. Babcock, "[This] I Know from My Grandfather": The Battle for Admissibility of Indigenous Oral History as Proof of Tribal Land Claims, 37 Am. Indian L. Rev. 19-61 (2013).    [L]


Forthcoming Works - Journal Articles & Working Papers

Randy E. Barnett, Welcome to the New Originalism: A Comment on Jack Balkin's Living Originalism, Jerusalem Rev. Legal Stud. (forthcoming).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]


Journal Articles

Norman Birnbaum, El Legado de Obama en Política Exterior [The Legacy of Obama in Política Exterior], Política Exterior, Nov.-Dic., at 78-90 (2012).   



J. Peter Byrne & Sara C. Bronin, Historic Preservation Law (New York: Thomson Reuters/Foundation Press 2012).    [BOOK]


Journal Articles

Julie E. Cohen, What Privacy Is For, 126 Harv. L. Rev. 1904-1933 (2013).   
Julie E. Cohen, Power/play: Discussion of Configuring the Networked Self, 6 Jerusalem Rev. Legal Stud. 137-149 (2012).    [WWW]


Journal Articles

Peter B. Edelman & Liz Watson, From Fragmentation to Integration: A Comprehensive Policy Approach to Serving Young Mothers and Their Families Through School-Based Interventions, 20 Geo. J. on Poverty L. & Pol'y 269-296 (2013).    [L] [W]
Peter B. Edelman & Liz Watson, Improving the Juvenile Justice System for Girls: Lessons from the States, 20 Geo. J. on Poverty L. & Pol'y 215-268 (2013).    [L] [W]


Book Chapters and Collected Works

Deborah Epstein & Lisa A. Goodman, Domestic Violence Victims' Experiences in the Legal System, in Stress, Trauma, and Wellbeing in the Legal System 45-61 (Monica K. Miller & Brian H. Bornstein eds., New York: Oxford University Press 20123).    [BOOK]


Journal Articles

Lawrence O. Gostin, A Framework Convention on Global Health: Health for All, Justice for All, 307 JAMA 2087-2092 (2012).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
Lawrence O. Gostin, Dan Hanfling & Bruce M. Altevogt, A Framework for Catastrophic Disaster Response, 308 JAMA 675-676 (2012).    [WWW]
Lawrence O. Gostin, Tia Powell & Dan Hanfling, Emergency Preparedness and Public Health: The Lessons of Hurricane Sandy, 308 JAMA 2569-2570 (2012).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
Lawrence O. Gostin & Jonathan S. Jay, Ethical Challenges of Preexposure Prophylaxis for HIV, 308 JAMA 867-868 (2012).    [Gtown Law] [WWW]
Lawrence O. Gostin & John D. Kraemer, The Power To Block the Affordable Care Act: What Are the Limits?, 308 JAMA 1975-1976 (2012).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law] [WWW]
Lawrence O. Gostin, The Supreme Court's Historic Ruling on the Affordable Care Act: Economic Sustainability and Universal Coverage, 308 JAMA 571-572 (2012).    [WWW]


Journal Articles

David A. Koplow, Indisputable Violations: What Happens When the United States Unambiguously Breaches a Treaty?, 37 Fletcher F. World Aff. 53-74 (2013).    [WWW]


Journal Articles

Steven C. Salop & Fiona Scott Morton, Developing an Administrable MFN Enforcement Policy, Antitrust, Spring 2013, at 15-19.   


Forthcoming Works - Books

Philip G. Schrag & Lisa G. Lerman, Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law: Concise Edition for Two-Credit Courses (New York: Aspen Publishers forthcoming).   

Forthcoming Works - Journal Articles & Working Papers

Philip G. Schrag, Brian Tamanaha's Misguided Missile, Geo. J. Legal Ethics (forthcoming).    [SSRN]


Forthcoming Works - Journal Articles & Working Papers

Lawrence B. Solum & Tun-Jen Chiang, The Interpretation-Construction Distinction in Patent Law, Yale L.J. (forthcoming).    [SSRN] [Gtown Law]



Kristen Konrad Tiscione & Richard K. Neumann, Jr., Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing (New York: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business 7th ed. 2013).    [BOOK]


Forthcoming Works - Journal Articles & Working Papers

Heathcote W. Wales, Virginia Aldigé Hiday & Bradley Ray, Effectiveness of a Short-term Mental Health Court: Criminal Recidivism One Year Postexit, L. & Hum. Behav. (forthcoming).   


Journal Articles

Robin L. West, The Incoherence of Marital Benefits, 161 U. Pa. L. Rev. (PENNumbra) 179-190 (2013).    [L] [W] [WWW]


Journal Articles

Wendy Webster Williams, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Equal Protection Clause: 1970-80, 25 Colum. J. Gender & L. 41-49 (2013).    [L] [W]


Journal Articles

Michelle M. Wu & Leslie A. Lee, An Empirical Study on the Research and Critical Evaluation Skills of Law Students, 31 Legal Reference Services Q. 205-238 (2012).    [SSRN] [WWW]

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