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  • Benefits Practice Resource Center (BNA)
    The Benefits Practice Resource Center is a comprehensive resource for researching compensation, pension, and ERISA issues. Includes analysis, guidance and primary source material, such as the full text of judicial opinions, rulings and memoranda. This service is organized as follows: Pensions & Retirement, Health Benefits, Fringe & Welfare Benefits, Compliance & Enforcement, Litigation, and Executive Compensation.
  • CCH Health and Human Resources Total Connect
    Health & Human Resources Total Connect provides access to articles on topics in health and human resources. Topics covered by this resource include workers’ safety, payroll, insurance, benefits, training, management and more. Primarily, this source provides access to the full text of federal and state laws that affect health and human resources, as well as information from a variety of government sources produced by agencies like OSHA, the FDA and more. Some full text is available. Title coverage varies. News content is updated daily.
  • CCH Health and Human Resources Total Connect
    The Labor and Employment e-Library includes material from CCH and Aspen. CCH's reporters cover the full breadth of fair employment practices, labor relations and disabilities law at the federal and state levels, and comprehensive primary source research materials, annotated explanations and timely updates of current news and developments. Aspen's treatises provide users with transactional, expert-authored analytic and practical guidance covering employee terminations, disabilities law and practice, employment discrimination litigation, sexual harassment in the workplace and covenants not to compete.
  • International labour and employment compliance handbook

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