The finding aids for the NEJL collections are available through Digital Georgetown as pdf and html files. You may browse the finding aids by name, subject, and by keyword. Detailed instructions on how to search the finding aids can be found here: Accessing Special Collection’s New Finding Aids. Please do not hesitate to contact the archivist if you have any questions. Special Collections, by email at, or: 202-662-4043.


Hulett “Bucky” Askew Collection  NEJL 031
Blossom Athey Collection  NEJL 018
Clinton Bamberger Papers NEJL 033
John Saeger Bradway Collection NEJL 032
Brennan Center for Justice Collection NEJL 021
Mary M. Broderick Papers NEJL 055
William Brodsky Papers NEJL 020
Jean and Edgar Cahn Papers NEJL 005
California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA) Collection NEJL 010
Center for a New Democracy Collection NEJL 064
Cait Clarke Papers NEJL 056
Alfred Corbett Papers NEJL 043
General Charles L. Decker Collection MSS 019
Council of Europe Collection NEJL 047
Clinton Cross Papers NEJL 042
John Cummiskey Papers NEJL 001
James Doherty Papers NEJl 037
Henry Freedman Papers NEJL 014
Burt Fretz, Opposition to the LSC Collection NEJL 057
In re Gault Research Collection NEJL 067
 See also our in re Gault Research Portal
Nancy Albert Goldberg Papers NEJL 028
Gulf Coast Legal Services NEJL 045
Alan Houseman Papers NEJL 019
Institute for Research on Poverty Collection NEJL 075
Earl Johnson Jr. Collection NEJL 015
Arthur von Keller IV, Collection  NEJL 048
Elizabeth Kinney Papers NEJL 029
Gail Kinney Collection NEJL 66
Legal Aid Alberta Collection NEJL 040
Legal Resources Centre and Trust Collection (South Africa) NEJL 035
Legal Services Corporation Records NEJL 012
William McCalpin Papers NEJL 011
Kent Morrison Papers NEJl 4
National Equal Justice Library Photograph Collection NEJl 065
 National Institute for Education in Law and Poverty Collection NEJL 071
National Legal Aid and Defender Association Records (NLADA) NEJL 023
NEJL Oral History Collection webpage

NEJL Oral History Collection finding aid

NEJL 009
Sheldon Portman Papers NEJL 054
Project Advisory Group Papers NEJl 050
Gary Ratner Papers NEJL 051
Reginald Heber Smith Community Lawyer Fellowship Program Collection NEJL 049
Robert Rhudy Papers NEJL 013
David Rintels Gideon’s Trumpet Collection NEJL 046
Florence Wagman Roisman Papers NEJl 052
Simon Rosenthal Collection NEJL 006
Barbara Sard Papers NEJl 069
Carol Ruth Silver Records NEJL 038
Antoine G. “Gerry” Singsen Papers NEJl 026
State Bar of California Collection NEJL 030
Marna Tucker Papers NEJl 002
Union International des Avocats Zagreb Conference of 1977 NEJl 025
William Reece Smith Papers NEJL 017
Peter S. Smith Papers NEJL 068
Patricia Wald Papers NEJL 039
Carolyn Waller Collection  NEJL 063
Richard Wilson Papers NEJL 003