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War on Poverty  Legal Services Resources Center

This web page serves as a gateway to resources on the War on Poverty, with a special focus on its legal programs. We provide an overview of links to events and programs relating to the 50th Anniversary that are held during the anniversary year in 2014, and also collect links to web pages featuring scholarly publications on the topic, including recent reports. In addition to resources on the history of civil legal aid, our overview includes references to resources about the many programs that come under the framework of the War on Poverty, such as Medicare and Medicaid, food stamps, Head Start and child care, job training and workforce development and many others.

Most of the resources on this web page will also be featured on our blog, Right On!

A Collaborative Bibliography on the War on Poverty

The collaborative bibliography on the War on Poverty, launched in February 2014, is designed to be an ongoing collaborative effort, and Elisa Minoff, who initiated and conceptualized the project, encourages others to contribute additional entries, and well as annotations to existing and new entries.

The document is available as a google doc.

Periodic updates of the bibliography will be posted on this website as pdf documents.

If you would like to contribute citations and commentary, please e-mail Elisa at elisa.minoff [at] gmail.com. Elisa can either give you permission to edit the document directly or add your suggested citations herself.


* The Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity Initiative

The Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity Initiative has set up a webpage that compiles information about events, reports and other activities “that explore the progress made for poor people over the last half century and the goals that lie ahead.”

* The Coalition on Human Needs

The 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty has brought forth many very helpful reports and analyses. The Coalition on Human Needs is compiling them in a new webpage, which will be continuously updated:

CHN webpage:  The War on Poverty:  50 Years Later

* The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Poverty and Income webpage contains numerous resources on the development of poverty in the United States, including recent analyses evaluating the War on Poverty at 50.

Robert Greenstein’s Jan, 28, 2014, testimony before the House Budget Committee is also available on the Center’s website.

* The Urban Institute’s Understanding Poverty webpage contains a wealth of research, including information about children in poverty.


The Children’s Leadership Council has compiled an informative overview of the War on Poverty programs that help children and youth:

The United States Census Bureau Poverty webpage contains poverty data from several major household surveys and programs (up to 2012). It also includes a terrific infographic comparing the official and supplemental poverty measure.

The Sargent Shriver Peace Institute features a collections of Shriver’s speeches on the War on Poverty, as well as a gallery of photographs.


The Half in Ten toolkits have been developed to help with advocacy initiatives around the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty. In addition to a national toolkit, Half in Ten also created custom toolkits for Wisconsin, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, Virginia, and Florida.