Accounts Analyst & Administrative Specialist & Notary Public
Stacy Queen Bell

OfficeWilliams Library 313-01
Areas of Expertise:


International and Foreign Law Reference Librarian
Charles Bjork

B.A., University of Illinois
J.D., Northwestern University
M.S.L.I.S., University of Illinois

OfficeWilliams Library 205C
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Areas of Expertise:

International & Foreign Law, Reference

Empirical Research Services Librarian
Sara Burriesci

B.A., College of William & Mary
J.D., University of South Carolina
M.L.I.S., University of Washington

OfficeWilliams Library 204F
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Areas of Expertise:

Library Research Services, Reference

Head of Digital Initiatives
Lauren Burroughs

OfficeWilliams Library 130-01
Areas of Expertise:

Digital Initiatives