During the Spring 2021 semester, the Law Library conducted a survey asking students to comment on various aspects of the library. 452 students responded. This is valuable input, and we want to thank everybody who completed the survey.

We reviewed all feedback, and we continue to use this to guide future projects. Here’s a page showing a summary highlighting relevant library services.

Below are several charts summarizing quantitative questions from the 2021 survey.

Quantitative Survey Results

Status of students who responded:

1L/1E/2E 28.8%
2L/3E 31.9%
3L/4E/4th Year Joint Degree 25.2%
LL.M. & SJD 13.9%
Other 0.2%

What have you missed about not being able to access the library building?

Study in a quiet environment 374
Study in a group study room 293
Using printers 265
Relax between classes 196
Using print/physical course reserve materials 192
Using stand-up desks 155
Face-to-face interactions at the service desks (Reference and Circulation) 138
Using scanners 129
Using WiFi 128
Check out “Cool stuff” (e.g., book stands, headphones, etc.) 81
Using historical and archival materials 57
Taking exams in the Computer Learning Center (CLC) 38
Using library computers 37
Other 33

Which library services offered during instructional and business continuity would you like to see continued in the future?

Virtual research consultations 297
Virtual journal trainings 135
Virtual faculty RA trainings 110
Other 14

Did you experience any difficulty in accessing the following library resources?

Library Resources Yes No
Databases (e.g., ProQuest, EBSCOhost, HeinOnline): 33 399
Library catalog: 21 406
Past Exams: 21 411
Reference Chat with a Librarian: 20 401

Did you have difficulty in finding the following information on the library website?

Information Related to Yes No
Specific articles: 62 356
Databases: 54 367
A research guide: 42 375
Journals: 39 381
Business continuity services and policies: 32 387
Library catalog: 32 391
Service points’ email addresses: 27 388
Reference Chat with a Librarian: 27 392
Hours of virtual services: 23 395

Have you used either of the electronic study aids platforms available during the 2020-2021 academic year?

West Academic Study Aids (Nutshells, Concepts and Insights, Law Stories, West Hornbooks, Gilbert Law Summaries, Sum and Substance) 215
Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aids Library (Casenote Legal Briefs, Emanuel Law Outlines, Examples & Explanations) 173
I have not used either platform 138
I was not aware that the library provided access to electronic study aids this academic year 100

Which study aids platform do you prefer?

No Preference 268
West Academic Study Aids 87
Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aids Library 75

Would you be interested in a 20-minute group tour of the library when on-campus learning fully resumes?

Yes 201
No 181
Maybe 62

Would you be in favor of designating certain spaces within the library as “quiet study zones” and other spaces as “collaborative zones”?

In Favor 323
Oppose 30
Unsure/Depends on how quiet study zones and collaborative zones are configured 95