Volume 10
Issue 2
Fall '18

Lessons from the 2018 Midterm Election and How to Protect Minority Voting Rights Post-Shelby County v. Holder

Written By: Tristin Brown and Elijah Staggers


This Issue of the Georgetown Journal of Law & Modern Critical Race Perspectives is a special edition framed around democratic reform efforts to protect minority voting rights in a post-Shelby County landscape. This Preface to the Issue discusses how the Voting Rights Act’s federal preclearance protections, eviscerated under Shelby County v. Holder, was integral to protecting minorities’ right to vote as guaranteed by the Fifteenth Amendment. Next, it conveys how the absence of meaningful federal voting rights protections coincided with an increase in racist attacks and minority voter suppression in the 2018 midterm elections. Lastly, it explains how the pieces within this Issue provide pathways for protecting minority voting rights going forward post-Shelby County.

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