Georgetown Climate Center's Clean Energy Tool Aims To Reduce Pollution, Benefit Economy

July 8, 2013 — The Georgetown Climate Center released a new website and clean energy tool on July 2 that seeks to help states analyze the potential benefits of new energy policies.

Speaking at Georgetown University on June 25, President Barack Obama emphasized the important role states would play in the development of upcoming EPA rules when he said he wants new federal rules reducing carbon pollution to "provide flexibility to different states with different needs and build on the leadership that many states and cities and companies have already shown.”

Given the important role states are expected to play, the timing was perfect for the release of the State Energy Analysis Tool, said Vicki Arroyo, executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center.

“In the months ahead, we know states will be working closely with power companies and administration officials to devise federal rules to reduce carbon pollution ­– rules that are flexible enough to meet state needs but also strong enough to ensure that national targets and goals are met,” Arroyo said.

“States will be reviewing their existing policies and looking for new opportunities to reduce carbon pollution.  We believe this tool will provide essential data for states as they consider an array of clean energy policies.”

The State Energy Analysis Tool is a powerful clean energy calculator that brings together a unique combination of data and analytic tools to provide a comprehensive state-level overview of the energy sector and helps identify potential opportunities for a clean energy future.

It profiles and compares state energy data, including data related to states' energy generation, emissions, energy production and consumption, energy efficiency policies and spending, electricity prices, and characteristics of states' energy markets. It also enables users to calculate the economic and jobs benefits that could be achieved by capping carbon pollution generated by the power sector in a selected state, to compare data among states and to graphically sort states based on chosen criteria.

Stakeholders, reporters and the public may also use the tool to access quick information about a state’s energy portfolio.

To learn more or download the State Energy Analysis Tool, click here. 

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